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  • Primary Education / CPD

Primary Education / CPD

Play and learn about the Science of Sustainable Development

MAINTENANT Sustaining Now provides interactive sessions based on a solution-focused educational methodology Earth System Science Education™.

We offer different formats:

  • Community Projects, bringing the whole school and families together to accomplish a meaningful challenge for a long-lasting and constructive effect.
  • STEAM workshops where children investigate a natural phenomenon based on art activities and hands-on scientific experiments. Certificates are awarded to each child to encourage scientific vocation.
  • Play sessions using our collection of educational card games DIVERSITY DECK®
  • Workshops for families, parents and careers
  • CPD / Training for teachers

We will enable children and adults to learn about climate, biodiversity, global citizenship and healthy living. They will be given keys to understand our planet. They will measure the impact of their choices on society and the environment. They will be empowered to become change-makers.

Sessions can be taught in English or bilingual French/English as CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

We endorse the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals and use them as a teaching framework.

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