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  • Educational Benefits

Educational Benefits

Our STEAM Card Games, Workshops and Community Projects benefit pupils' knowledge and the school’s outreach, empowering children to become resourceful world citizens.

Understanding the Earth Learners acquire knowledge of the world and develop critical thinking on topics such as the Earth's climate or the carbon cycle. They are introduced to local and worldwide challenges.
Global Citizenship Learners improve their socio-emotional skills by developing a sense of belonging to a common humanity, nourishing empathy and solidarity for others while respecting differences.
Innovation Learners’ creative skills are challenged. Their curiosity and imagination are stimulated. They develop associative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
Adaption Learners develop their behavioural skills with a more responsible lifestyle, having an impact on their families and community and promoting change locally.
Dexterity Learners strengthen their fine motor skills through hands-on manipulations during STEAM Workshops or while playing with our educational card games.

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